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8 Channel IR Remote Control Switch Relay Module


1. Dual Trigger design , using special two-way driver IC design , fly away to ride the world premiere of Electronic Science and Technology ;
2. Anti-interference ability , using the freewheeling diode protection;
3. Part of the relay contacts using double-sided bold wiring for a large current through the safe and reliable;
4. High quality relays, optional 5V, 12V, 24V, quality assurance;
5. 5.08mm high-quality input and output terminals are used , the wiring is more convenient and suitable for PLC control;
6. inputs can be set high and low trigger, control more flexible;
7. Each relay has a pull indicator , working status of the relay at a glance;
8. Each relay output leads to a normally open and normally closed two electric shock, use convenient and flexible ;
9. With fixed screw holes for easy installation;
10. Finished by 100% functional testing and stability testing ;


1. The relay contact capacity : AC250V 10A DC30V 10A;

2. Power supply: Button Battery( Included)

3. Board Size: (L*W*H)13.50*5.00*2.10cm/5.31"*1.97"*0.83"

4. The remote control Size:(L*W*H)8.50*4.00*0.60cm/3.35"*1.57"*0.24"

5. Quantity:1Set

Product wiring as follows :

1. VCC: input power supply terminal end

2. GND: input power is grounded end

3. CTR1-CTR8 trigger signal input terminal , in any way effective ( by a jumper setting can)

4. Power supply: Button Battery( Included)

The remote control uses:

Only the numeric keys work, 1-8 keys,Corresponding to the corresponding relay channels 1-8, after pressed the first time relay start work ,After disconnecting relay pressed again.

After the 0 button is pressed, all start to working,

After the 9 button is pressed, all stop working,